About us

Faas is security And Innovation

About us

Facilities, Assets and Solutions, S.L is a company that meets the security needs generated by touristic activity in coastal areas.

With an innovative character, FAAS offers a great range of products, divided into three segments:


Our Expertise

Facilities, Assets and Solutions, S.L (FAAS) is a company of innovative character founded in 2013 and conformed by highly qualified professionals. With a determined orientation and main mission: Meet all security needs that raise up from touristic activity in coastal areas. As everyone knows, beaches are one of the top destinations for vacations. We all like to relax and enjoy the nice surroundings, but, is it possible to completely relax and leave worries aside at the beach? FAAS believes in recreative tourism and supports it by providing solutions to a variety of needs that are still unmet in the industry:

1. FAAS looks after you: contributing with solutions to keep safe your belongings any time and avoid frequent robberies while enjoying a nice walk by the beach or a swim in the sea. Find about our safety lockers.

2. FAAS looks after your loved ones: taking care of little ones in such a chaotic atmosphere like public beaches can be during busy seasons. Find about our identification bracelets.

3. FAAS looks after everyone’s well-being: Providing basic services to families that visit the beach. Find about our ice lockers and mobile chargers.

FAAS Plan for Internationalization


FAAS is company with a highly innovative character, providing among the range of products in its portfolio several devices registered with intelectual property.

Jose Luís Fraga – CEO