How to be safe you and your loved ones at the beach?



What is the product about?

MySite®, a locker with great capacity, user-friendly, foldable and practical for storage. It also works as a beach table.

Its design consist of a frame equipped with two support legs, telescopic closing plates attached to frame and a superior board.

MySite® its designed to adopt different lock systems, depending on the usage and quality expectations that the client requires. It also has the possibility to be customized.


Technical Features

  • Product 100% disposable and manufactured according to the required environmental regulation.
  • Made of polypropylene.
  • Structure strengthened with fibre glass.
  • High resistance to impacts.
  • Variety of colors to customize, UVA rays resistant.
  • Divided into compartments.
  • Simple and flexible mooring to any object with its security-cable system made of steel and a carabiner.
  • Multiple lock systems available with the latest technology: RFID and Mifare among others.


Benefits for the sector of services in the coast:

Facilities, Assets And Solutions, S.L. (FAAS) provides to the business community of beach umbrellas and hammocks the following aspects:

Added value to the service: by offering their clients a solution to meet a main need that has been there for a long time.

Increase in sales: causing interest among potential new clients that have never rented beaches services before but if something new is offered providing satisfaction to their security need, they could purchase the whole beach set and change their consumer behavior.

MySite® provides an increased and better use than current beach tables, offering a wide variety of commercial strategies to amplify the sales service of food and beverage in the associated businesses.

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